Drive away with complete peace of mind.

At Eclipse Car Sales we know how frustrating it can be to get an unexpected and unwelcome bill for your car and so we have a range of warranty products to cover the unexpected.

As standard we offer a 12 Month warranty. This is a basic warranty up to £500 per claim and covers many of the common failures that a used car will face at some point like the alternator stopping charging the battery or a water pump no longer working. Those sorts of problems.

Having listened to feedback from our valued customer over the last 27 years we have found that they would prefer to contribute a small additional amount and buy an in depth extended warranty giving much greater peace of mind and so to accommodate this we can also provide a 2 year in depth warranty with a £2000 per claim limit covering the majority of the vehicle. No warranty will cover wear and tear but our warranty which can be used nationally does cover the major mechanicals for future peace of mind. There is also no mileage limit providing the car is serviced at its specified intervals.Please ask a member of sales for a quote on the vehicle you are interested in. You'll be surprised at how little this extra peace of mind costs.

For more information and a list of whats covered please contact us